In October 2020, Sports and Recreation Victoria awarded the Y a renewed 20-year contract for the management and operation of five camps:

YMCA Camps has managed these sites for the past 15 years and we're excited to continue strengthening this partnership, as well as fostering our connection with local communities.

We’re extremely pleased to continue our partnership with Sports and Recreation Victoria. Over the last 15 years, the Y has transitioned the five SRV camps from primarily a traditional school camping model to creating additional significant community based offerings. We are deeply committed to working with SRV to make a difference in the lives of those students and community groups who visit the sites. This includes providing more accessible outreach programs to the most in-need and under-representing groups.” Carolyn Morris, CEO of YMCA Victoria and Kingswim.

The camps team kicked off a challenging but strong start to the new contract in 2020, experiencing a high level of occupancy when the sites were open and progressing many of the projects outlined in the tender proposal.

The Y has redefined the traditional camping experience through hundreds of new programs designed for a variety of visitors, as well as tailored programs for specific groups and community needs such as the Indigenous Skate Camp and Access All Terrain program.

Various renovations across all five sites has increased the accessibility of the Y’s camping experience for the community. This includes the addition of the Alpine Accessible Accommodation Centre at Howmans Gap (AAA building), which allows all-abilities winter sports athletes, as well as their families and support people, to hone their skills on some of Victoria’s best ski slopes.

Through local partnerships and by building strong relationships with community groups, we have grown the number of community group participants from 12,000 to 44,000 per year – a growth of over 250%.” Carolyn Morris, CEO of YMCA Victoria and Kingswim.

The Minister for Community Sport, Ros Spence, said she looks forward to continuing a strong partnership with the Y over the next 20 years.

Our camps are inspiring more young people to embrace a healthier and active lifestyle, get connected with nature and importantly, have fun. We’re proud that the YMCA will continue to lead these important programs and we look forward to more innovative outdoor programs and initiatives leading to more healthy outcomes for Victorians.” The Hon. Ros Spence.

The renewed contract will see an opportunity for the Y to continue activating communities through unique learning frameworks and community programming. The Y will also continue to focus on sustainability, inclusive communities and outdoor communities.

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