Each year, YMCA Victoria and the Victorian Father’s Day Council together coordinate a state-wide search for its Victorian Father of the Year. Children, partners and community members are able to nominate a dad or father figure they believe deserving of the award and recognition for the exemplary role model they are to the young people in their lives. 

In 2019, Chris Youngman was awarded the honour at the Melbourne Town Hall.

The 36-year-old Drouin production planner gave up work to look after his baby boy who was battling cancer. His story is one of sacrifice, determination and strength against staggering adversity. It is about an ordinary dad, who constantly puts the needs of his family before himself. And despite the hardships and unknowns the family faces, he counts himself as incredibly lucky.

In 2020, Stephen Curran was awarded the honour, but of course, things were a little different and the event was held virtually on Zoom (the video conferencing platform) due to COVID-19 restrictions. Presented by the Lord Mayor Sally Capp, it was a moving ceremony where Stephen spoke about the loss of his wife and mother of his children and how they have persevered as a family.

You can watch the video of the event below, or read Stephen’s story.

Congratulations to two courageous fathers, Chris Youngman and Stephen Curran.

Victorian Father of the Year 2020

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