The Time to ReBuild podcast was launched in December 2020 and has already released two seasons. Based on the stories of YMCA ReBuild participants, the podcast aims to break negative stereotypes by amplifying the stories of people who have been on the journey of incarceration to positive transformation.

In each episode, the Y's Mick Cronin and Mark Wilson chat with someone who has broken the mould and gone on to achieve incredible things after serving prison time. Their stories give audiences an insight into what circumstances led to them offending, how they survived prison time and how they got to where they are now. Encouraging us as a society to learn, understand and prevent similar experiences from happening to those around us.

In our second season season, we released eight episodes, each highlighting a unique story and experience. These conversations were challenging and emotional, but it’s uplifting to hear about the effect positive intervention has on the interviewees and the fulfilling lives they’re leading now.

Since launching in December 2020, Time to Rebuild has:

  • released 15 episodes;
  • had 3,147 total listens;
  • been listened to 172 times in one day;
  • been streamed in 17 countries;
  • ranked 10th in Australia, 7th in Ireland and 12th in Denmark as the Top Documentary Podcast on Apple podcasts.

Time to ReBuild reminds us that ex-offenders shouldn’t be defined by their past actions and mistakes. A lot of the time all they need is support and an opportunity to turn their life around and be the best version of themselves. This in turn reduces recidivism and creates safer communities for us all to live in.


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