In September 2019, over 175 industry leaders, council partners and YMCA staff from across the nation attended the THRIVE forum, #OnlyWithTheY. Together, we celebrated our common goal of making people healthier and more connected and explored how we could continue to create positive outcomes in communities in the future.

Attendees heard from YMCA Victoria and Kingswim CEO, Carolyn Morris, who celebrated the organisation’s focus on creating future leaders and encouraging innovation, before industry leaders shared their ideas on the future of health and wellness.

Keynote speakers Michelle Bridges and Mack Horton each shared their inspirational journeys. While panel discussions brought together aquatics and recreation leaders to present ideas on the influence of technology on the fitness industry, the importance of aquatic safety and the need to extend the definition of a gym from ‘four wall spaces’.

YMCA inspired young people, Melissa Watson and Isabelle Ferreri spoke about global and local YMCA experiences, providing an insight into the future of the organisation through their eyes.

Attendees left the event inspired by the high calibre of presentations from a diverse range of speakers and motivated to utilise the knowledge in building healthier and more connected communities.

The THRIVE forum was a platform to celebrate, learn and connect with our common goal of making people healthier and more connected.” Fiona Kriaris, Health and Wellness Product Manager and THRIVE event coordinator

THRIVE forum

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