Aquatics and swimming

We had 29,964 swimming lesson students at our sites and 71,000 school participants through our school YMCA Swimming Lessons program.
YMCA Swimming Lessons


We employ 250 staff across our seven YMCA Camps, where 58,000 campers attended in the last year.
YMCA Camps

Children's Programs

We operate over 70 early childhood education and care services. Of these, we have 18 Early Learning Centres, 27 Before and After School Programs and 28 School Holiday Programs. In the last financial year, 228,613 children attended our services. In addition, we manage the hiring of community spaces at 11 local partner primary schools.
YMCA Children's Programs

Healthy living and fitness

Across our aquatic and recreation facilities, we had 46,994 health and wellness members and 3,777 gymnastics members.
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Kingswim operates 20 Learn to Swim Schools across Victoria, Canberra, New South Wales and Queensland, and employs more than 600 staff. Prior to the pandemic, Kingswim taught more than 29,000 kids each week to be competent and safe in and around the water.

Staff and volunteers

In the year 2019-2020, we employed 5,582 staff, with 44.5% under the age of 25. Our 819 volunteers gave up 19,678 hours this year, and while this is invaluable to us, that amounts to an incredible $820,966 worth of time our dedicated volunteers provided.
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YMCA Open Doors

The Y offers a great range of programs and services for people of all ages, abilities, cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. However, unfortunately not all people can afford to participate. It’s part of our mission to provide equal access to health and wellness services to all members of the community. We’re proud that each year thousands of Victorians are provided with subsidised access to our services thanks to our YMCA Open Doors program.
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Youth and skate programs

Our YMCA Youth Services programs and skate parks engaged over 21,000 people. Of the $10,781,279 YMCA Victoria spent to help people in need, 96% was spent helping young people and children across Victoria.
YMCA Youth Services

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