Financial summary

YMCA Victoria had a consolidated net surplus of $1.18m for the year ending 30 June 2021. During the year, the board made the strategic decision to sell the Disability Services business and freehold at Macey Heights. The COVID-19 pandemic continued to have a significant impact, not only financially but also on our customers, suppliers, council partners and staff.

Fundraising overview

Due to the closure of our centres, we have not had the opportunity to hold face-to-face events or fundraise at a site level. This has had a significant negative effect on the Y’s revenue and YMCA Open Doors accounts. YMCA Open Doors helps people experiencing disadvantage by subsiding access to our programs and services. Due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, we were unable to provide this service. When our centres are back open, we look forward to helping vulnerable community members participate in our programs. The Philanthropy team is looking forward to launching new fundraising initiatives once our sites have reopened fully.
  • Fundraising: Support we received

    From a grants perspective, despite the restrictions having a direct impact on our ability to pursue grants of a programmatic nature, we were still able to achieve more grants than last financial year. This is largely due to an increase in business support available to our organisation from the government in response to the lockdown restrictions.

    A new grants system has been implemented which has made capturing and tracking the progress of grants available to the Y much easier moving forward.

  • Fundraising: Campaigns

    Get Outdoors for Open Doors: This event asked participants to swap their slippers for sneakers and join the YMCA Open Doors 5km virtual fun run from Saturday 30 to Sunday 31 October 2021. Thank you to the 92 fundraisers who signed up and raised over $1,840 for YMCA Open Doors.

    27 for 27: The launch of our new '27 for 27' campaign can resume at metropolitan sites once reopening occurs. This campaign gives supporters the opportunity to add a donation of $0.27 to their daily purchase at the Y, to support 27% of young people experiencing disadvantage in Australia.

  • Fundraising: Moving forward

    The Philanthropy team is currently developing some projects that will be ready for launch in the financial year of 2021-2022.

    Workplace giving: We are updating the current process with a digital system that allows staff to sign up with just a few clicks! Once this is complete, we can ensure a steady and consistent stream of income for YMCA Open Doors. Workplace giving enables employees to make regular charitable donations from their pre-tax pay, resulting in an automatic tax benefit.

    Streamlined fundraising: We have implemented a new process for sites to inform the Philanthropy team of their upcoming fundraisers and grant applications. This gives staff the opportunity to outline their plans, ask for assistance and enables the philanthropy team to monitor compliance.

    There will be a centralised process to fundraising with an annual philanthropy fundraising calendar to outline the upcoming events and dates to remember. All sites have the opportunity to align with the calendar and run their own events, to their preference.

  • Entities
    • The Young Men's Christian Association of Victorian Inc
      ABN 81 174 456 784 / A0026728G
      Community non-profit charity providing support to the community
    • Victorian YMCA Community Programming Pty Ltd
      ABN 75 092 818 445 / ACN 092 818 445
      Offers recreational and childcare services across the state
    • YMCA Aquatic Education Ltd
      ABN 88 151 552 322 / ACN 151 552 322
      Provision of learn to swim programs offered under the King Swim brand
    • YMCA Aquatic & Event Services Ltd
      ABN 16 148 092 148 / ACN 148 092 148
      Management of the South Australian Aquatic & Leisure Centre on behalf of the SA government
    • Victorian YMCA Accommodation Services Pty Ltd
      ABN 94 081 270 706 / ACN 081 270 706
      Management of student accommodation
    • Victorian YMCA Youth & Community Services
      ABN 42 858 439 742 / A0046043N
      Ensures benevolent access to programs and services for people in need
    • YMCA Camping Limited
      ABN 77 606 062 793 / ACN 606 062 793
      Management of camping facilities
    • Activating Communities Ltd
      ABN 31 619 359 590 / ACN 619 359 590
      Retirement Living – project sold during the year and entity no longer trading

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